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Monday, June 27, 2011

TBR Challenge 2011- June Category: Contemporary

Show No Mercy (Black Ops, #1)Show No Mercy by Cindy Gerard

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

TBR Challenge 2011- June Category: Contemporary. This book has been on my Goodreads TBR list since April 2010.

2.5* rounded up for goodreads.

This book has what I like to call the "Swiss cheese" many holes you see through it. The action was entertaining, the characters stereotypical but still enjoyable, and the story gritty. But overshadowing it all were the plot holes from hell.

The chemistry between the leads was lacking, as well. In truth, I was more interested in the barely mentioned secondary romance. What saved this book were the amount and quality of the action scenes.

One last thought: Mystery and suspense have always been my favorite sub-genre of romance novels. Lately, however, I'm growing tired of the ever-increasing trend to describe man's inhumanity to man in graphic, horrifying details. That, and the persistent need to have a hero (or at times heroine) more damaged, more tortured, and more haunted than the last. There comes a time when a soul can be so damaged by their past that their ability to heal becomes questionable, putting any "happy ending" in jeopardy.

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