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Friday, March 2, 2012

Speaking of Audiobooks Listening Challenge 2012

Faking It  by Jennifer Crusie

SOA Listening Challenge 2012: Spread Your Listening
Contemporary 3/4

4 of 5 stars Grade A-/B+

What a roller coaster ride! I was hesitant about listening to this audiobook because I didn't like Welcome to Temptation, including Davy, who is the lead in Faking It. I finally gave it a try and while it wasn't a complete success for me, it was a great book. Faking It is different from Welcome to Temptation mainly because it was peopled with quirky characters who were also likable. Even the "bad guys" were mostly likable, or at least humorous. (I didn't like ANYONE in WtT except Phin's daughter, Dilly.)

Davy's manipulative father, all the secret keeping, and, after a while, even the clever internal monologuing got to be irritating, but thankfully Crusie never let it go on too long. Just when I thought the lack of honestly was going to keep Davy and Tilda apart for most of the book, the author chose to give them (and the reader) a break.

The book is genuinely funny, with some of the best dialog (and internal musings) I've ever read. The characters were quirky without being caricatures, which is difficult to pull off.

The narration by Aasne Vigesaa was just about perfect, as well. Her comedic timing was spot on, and her character voices were clear without her trying to fake the men's voices. Excellent job.

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