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Sunday, March 4, 2012

SOA Listening Challenge 2012

Late to the Wedding by Amanda Quick

SOA Listening Challenge 2012: Spread Your Listening
Historical 4/4

Grade B

I've enjoyed all three of the Lavinia Lake, Tobias March books, but this is definitely my favorite. The suspense plot was good, with interesting twists. I knew something odd was going on, but couldn't figure out the timing. The ending was interesting and satisfying. While I could have done without the slightly paranormal parts of the books, overall I enjoyed the characters in all three, and in this one especially. I felt Lavinia and Tobias worked much better together in this book, and there was less stubbornness and arguing going on. I liked the mutual respect they showed and the way they worked together.

The narrator, Josephine Bailey, was quite good. Definitely a 4 star or better narration.

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