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Thursday, February 10, 2011

In keeping with Feb TBR challenge - Charlie All Night

Read from February 09 to 10, 2011

The Feb TBR Challenge is "Ugly Ducklings (Heroes and/or heroines who aren't "pretty")". I fulfilled the challenge with Ravished (see review below) but I decided to read other books on my TBR pile that had this theme as well. I've stretched the challenge to include heroes and heroines who fall short of the romance novel idea of "perfect" as well as those who are actually scarred or ugly. To that end I read Charlie All Night by Jennifer Crusie. In this book, Allie is described as 36, short, a little round (20 lbs over "model thin"), and she wears glasses.

3.5* Charlie All Night is definitely fun but a little on the short and underdeveloped side. Charlie and Allie were likable characters and the dialog was humorous, with a few good laugh-out-loud moments. It's similar in feel to Manhunting (also by Crusie), although I liked the character development in that one better. Overall a fun, quick read. Recommended.

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