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Friday, April 13, 2012

TBR Challenge 2012: April Category

Release by Beth Kery

TBR Challenge 2012: April Category-- A new-to-you author. Release has been on my to-read list since February 17, 2010.

Grade B+

Release is an enjoyable erotic romantic suspense. Erotica romance is not my favorite genre, so that impacts my final rating of the book. I was quite interested in the suspense plot and the gradually unfolding backstory concerning Max, Sean, and Genny. I was less interested in the lengthy and highly detailed sex scenes. I didn't enjoy the recounting of the menage (told in retrospect) because the husband, Max, put me off. Otherwise, the sex scenes were very hot, and even though I was more interested in the suspense plot I did appreciate how well-written they were.

Unfortunately, the suspense plot had a few too many holes in it. One person's blackmail "evidence" pointing to the supposed murderer would never had stood up in court. Photos can be doctored or faked, and even I could figure out where the guy came up with his key physical evidence.

So the suspense plot didn't quite hold up, but was still entertaining. The sex was frequent, detailed and well-written. to paraphrase my friend Jane from her review (, you don't read this book for the plot. ;-)

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