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Sunday, April 8, 2012

SFR and SOA Reading Challenges 2012

After Glow by Jayne Castle

SOA Reading Challenge 2012 Surprise Me by Quarter: Quarter 2

Choice #3 – Rounding Out the Family – Listen to a romance where a child (under 18) or pet plays a significant role. (Fuzz, the dust bunny)

SFR Reading Challenge 2012   9/15

2.5* rounded up to 3*
Grade C+

Mildly entertaining futuristic suspense novel hampered by clunky writing and too much telling. I generally enjoy JAK in all her permutations, but this isn't one of her best. Lydia and Emmett skirted around actually talking about their true feelings for most of the book. That's a cliched romance novel trope, but it could've been used to create a little angst and distant between them, which could potentially have set the stage for an emotional confrontation/discussion. Instead, the tension basically was allowed to fizzle in one half-hearted conversation.

The suspense plot was decent, but convoluted, and there were too many plot holes.  Like why hadn't anyone found the secret chamber before? Lydia got out once through a series of tunnels not involving the big trap, is it reasonable that someone hadn't stumbled on the chamber from that direction before?

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