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Sunday, November 13, 2011

TBR Challnge 2011- General

Dragon Bound (Elder Races, #1)Dragon Bound by Thea Harrison

2011 TBR Challenge: General Category- I'm cheating a little with this book since it was technically put on my TBR list in January of 2011, but...close enough.


>With bookstores full of dark, brooding PNR novels, it's difficult to find a book that breaks new ground. Dragon Bound manages to contain all the elements that readers love in their PNR novels, but with differences that delight and surprise. Dragos is a typical sexy, alpha male, ancient and powerful, but he's also unique. He gets knocked sideways by his reaction to Pia, and Harrison does a great job blending the warrior with the vulnerable lover.

The story feels fresh, and the secondary characters are well-rounded despite the large cast of characters and relatively few pages devoted to them. What could have been just another intensely serious urban fantasy is lightened by surprisingly well-done humor, which manages to be sharp but not flippant.

My only (minor) caveats are an underdeveloped enemy, which makes that story line feel like an ad-on instead of a main event, and a plot device late in the book that I'd have preferred to see done differently or left out all together.

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