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Sunday, August 21, 2011

TBR Challenge- August Category: Steamy, sexy book

In Your Wildest DreamsIn Your Wildest Dreams by Toni Blake

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

TBR Challenge 2011--August Category: Steamy Read. In Your Wildest Dreams has been on my TBR list since June 2010.

Mild on suspense and long on relationship development, In Your Wildest Dreams is a satisfying and sensual novel. Like many steamy reads, suspension of disbelief is a must. The reader has to buy into the almost instant attraction between the leads, even though neither one is looking for any kind of relationship. At least the male lead, Jake, isn't a horn-dog. The female lead, Stephanie, is sexually experienced but somewhat repressed. While trying to infiltrate the high-priced escort service in New Orleans to find her missing sister, Stephanie meets Jake, a former cop now working just enough hours as a bartender to pay his bills. As the book progresses, it's revealed that Jake has given up on having a "life" due to a tragic event a couple of years earlier.

While the sex is the stuff dreams are made of (and reality isn't), there is more to the story than just the frequent, steamy sex scenes. Both Jake and Stephanie are good, if flawed, people, and Blake does a good job making their journey toward each other plausible. Well drawn secondary characters like the homeless girl, Shondra, round out this enjoyable novel.

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