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Friday, August 12, 2011

SFR Reading Challenge 2011

Space Junque (Apocalypto, #1)Space Junque by L.K. Rigel

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

SFR Reading Challenge 2011

The basic story could have been interesting, but it was poorly executed. The writing was choppy, and the switch from scene to scene very abrupt. The characters and plot line were underdeveloped. Toward the end the plot became confusing and completely unfocused. We go from apocalyptic sci-fi to new-agey goddess worship. The reader isn't given enough background information to understand what's happening, and things happen so fast that the reader is apt to miss something important. There was so little depth to the story that it felt more like an outline than a finished novel. Plus, the sex scenes felt like after-thoughts and were bland.

I have the second of the series, but don't know if I'll read it. I'm giving it two stars instead of one because the original premise and the first part of the book were both interesting. I think the author tried to cram too many plot points into a small space and didn't spend time developing them. The ghosting gene was pretty cool, though, as were some of the other ideas the author had. The goddess thing was unfortunately corny and confusing.

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