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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

TBR Challnege 2012- June Category: Western

Sunrise Over Texas by M. J. Fredick

TBR Challenge 2012--June Category: Western. Sunrise Over Texas has been on my TBR list since 2010.

Grade B-/C+

Sunrise Over Texas is a the story of a three women left alone in a Texas fort in winter. Katherine "Kit" Barkley is a widow taking care of her late husband's mother and sister. They have no way to get to the nearest settlement, and don't have enough provisions to last the winter. Indians are also a concern. Into this scene rides Trace, a man running from a painful past and now too sick to ride further. Kit nurses him back to health and the two wary strangers find themselves drawn to each other.

I liked that Kit is portrayed as a woman with strong feeling and desires. Trace is more of a beta male, and it was a refreshing change. Although non-alpha, he was strong and sexy. I would like to read more books where the relationship is one of mutual strength, like Trace and Kit. I did get tired of Kit constantly being called "stubborn" because she made up her mind and had confidence in her decisions. Just because there was a man around didn't mean she couldn't think for herself.

Unfortunately, the writing lacked pizazz. It wasn't bad, but it didn't sparkle, especially the dialogue. Still, it was a good story and I will read more by this author. My favorite book by Fredrick so far is
Hot Shot.

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