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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

TBR Challenge 2012: How did this get here?

Loving Evangeline by Linda Howard
2/5 stars
Grade C-/D+ 

TBR Challenge 2012: July Category-- How did this get here?

I'm not sure why Loving Evangeline got on my to-read list, perhaps because of the author, but here it is! And it's been here for almost a year.

I enjoyed Evie, and the suspense was fine, but the manipulative bastard of a hero was too much for me. His actions were so unfeeling and cold, and I was never convinced he was sorry for them. And the "one look at her and he's got to have her even if she's guilty of treason" is way over the top.

It was okay because the general writing was decent and I liked several of the characters, but the hero was not my type at all.

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