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Saturday, February 25, 2012

SFR Reading and SOA Listening Challenges

After Dark: Ghost Hunter #1 by Jayne Castle

SFR Reading Challenge 2012: 3/15
SOA Listening Challenge 2012: Paranormal/SFR 3/4

Grade B-/C+
Narration by Joyce Bean 3.5* Grade B

A Krentz/Castle/Quick is generally an enjoyable read for me. After Dark is no exception, although it isn't nearly her best sci-fi/futuristic romance. There was decent world-building and the suspense plot was entertaining, but the character development was weak. Every time I thought I could like Lydia, she acted like a self-righteous prig again. Her pettiness toward Ethan got old, and didn't resolve to my satisfaction since the ending was abrupt. I'm interested enough to try the next in the series, however.

The narration was solid and the narrator did a decent job with the male voices. 

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