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Saturday, February 25, 2012

SFR and TBR Reading Challenges 2012

In Enemy Hands by K.S. Augustin

3 of 5 stars 
Grade B-/C+

SFR Reading Challenge 2012 4/15
TBR Reading Challenge 2012: Personal Challenge--this book has been on my to-read list since June 2010.

The story concept here is fascinating, and I thought Augustin's portrayal of Srin was excellent. Unfortunately, the book suffers from uneven pacing and an abrupt ending.  I enjoyed the sci-fi aspect of the book, and was gratified that this author actually had a sci-fi plot and wasn't just using a spaceship setting for a romance novel. The problem was that her descriptive passages dragged at times, and took the reader out of the story. Just when the tension surrounding Srin or Moon was getting high, the author inadvertently diffuses it with "shop-talk."

I want to point out another strong point in the book were the conversations. The author does an excellent job with character development, for Srin, Moon, and Captain Jeen especially, drawing their personalities out in conversations.

Parts of this book deserve 4*, and parts deserve 2*. I'm going with an average. I'm interested enough to want to know what happens next, so I hope there is a sequel. 

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