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Thursday, January 5, 2012

TBR Challenge 2012: Personal

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Bayou Moon by Ilona Andrews

Read from January 02 to 04, 2012

TBR Challenge 2012- Personal category: Books on my to-read list prior to 2011. Bayou Moon was put on my to-read list on Sept 28, 2010.

William is one of the best characters I've met in any book. His mix of inexperience in relationships and ruthlessness as a killer is oddly endearing, or at least intriguing. Cerise is an incredibly well-drawn character, as well. Her devotion to family, her strength and will, and her ability to kill without hesitation is interwoven seamlessly with her crisis of self-confidence and vulnerability when her parents are kidnapped and she's thrust into leadership of her clan. William and Cerise circle each other uncertainly for much of the book, but the interactions are believable and even endearing.

The main plot is complicated and convoluted, intertwining William's mission to find what the organization known as The Hand is looking for with Cerise's drive to reclaim part of her land and find her kidnapped parents. As their mission seem to be headed in the same direction, the two form an uneasy alliance. Enter Cerise's large family, full of oddities and magically-gifted people.

The ick-factor in this story is high, much higher than in the previous book of the series. The writing team known as Ilona Andrews seems to have pulled every dusty mutant and monster from their Unused Bad Guys file and threw them into the mix. The sometimes lengthy descriptions of these freaks of magic, along with the sometimes brutal fight scenes, tended to put me off a bit and lessened my enjoyment a little. I was also wasn't thrill to realize The Hand will probably make an appearance in future books. Other than those quibbles, the book was engrossing and very well-written, and the main two characters were marvelous. It was also good to see Declan, Rose and the boys, even briefly.

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