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Friday, October 14, 2011

SFR Readng Challenge 2011

Moonstruck (Borderlands, #1)Moonstruck by Susan Grant

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

SFR Reading Challenge 2011

SFR Group Book of the Month, October 2011


Moonstruck started off well, with an interesting storyline and some foreshadowing of trouble ahead for all concerned. With the strong set-up, I expected more than Grant delivered in what followed. Finn and Brit were both interesting characters, but they weren't developed as well as they could have been. The backstories for both characters had so much untapped potential for tension, emotion, and drama. Also, even though their relationship was often sweet (and hot) it was too easy. Many issues beyond their control existed that could have kept them apart, made them work for their happy ending. Instead, an excuse was found to get them together much too quickly. As far as being complex and well-drawn, the secondary story involving Hadley was more interesting.

Moonstruck was definitely science fiction ROMANCE, with the emphasis being the romance, and the sci-fi world-building and plot coming in second. While that sometimes works well, it was a shame with this book since the set-up had the potential to be an edge-of-your seat action read.

On the positive side, even though the story was less complex and developed than I would have liked, it was a solid story with characters worth caring about. Moonstruck is definitely worth reading, and I plan to pick up the second book in the Borderlands series. The Warlord's Daughter

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